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Trees of Essex County

Eighty-five different native trees and tall shrubs are found in the Windsor/Essex region. An additional nine species are included which have been introduced since European settlement. Some difficult to identify species such as some hawthorns are not included, nor are ornamental species which seldom escape from cultivation. For more information on trees in Essex County an excellent species and restoration guide, written by Gerry Waldron, was published in 1997. Copies of The Tree Book can be found at any library or school in Essex County.

Status is listed as absent, Rare, Uncommon, or Common for both the Ojibway area (within 5 km. of the Nature Centre) and Essex County. Status designations are preliminary. Introduced species are indicated by an * in the status columns below. Maximum size is taken from The Tree Book and refers to the largest known tree from Ontario or Michigan (MI). Ontario's largest Pin Oak can be found in Windsor's Memorial Park.

FAMILY, Cupressaceae
Red CedarJuniperus virginiana R/C 15.7 m (82 cm)
FAMILY, Pinaceae
White PinePinus strobus a/R 45.1 m (172 cm)
FAMILY, Aceraceae
Silver MapleAcer saccharinum C/C 32.4 m (208 cm)
Sugar MapleAcer saccharum a/U 25 m (191 cm)
Manitoba MapleAcer negundo */*
Black MapleAcer nigrum a/U 29.3 m (111 cm)
Norway MapleAcer platanoides */*
Red MapleAcer rubrum C/C 31.1 m (127 cm)
FAMILY, Anacardiaceae
Smooth SumacRhus glabra C/U 9.1 m (12 cm)
Staghorn SumacRhus typhina U/C 7.4 m (33 cm)
Poison SumacRhus vernix a/R tall shrub to 5 m
FAMILY, Annonaceae
PawpawAsimina triloba a/R 7.3 m (23 cm)
FAMILY, Betulaceae
Yellow BirchBetula alleghaniensis a/U 24.7 m (173 cm)
Blue BeechCarpinus caroliniana R/C 10.7 m (53.5 cm), Kingsville
American HazelCorylus americana C/C tall shrub
IronwoodOstrya virginiana R/C 17.7 m (91 cm)
FAMILY, Caprifoliaceae
NannyberryViburnum lentago C/C 12 m (26 cm)MI
FAMILY, Celastraceae
Burning BushEuonymus atropurpurea R/U 10 m (18 cm)MI
FAMILY, Cornaceae
Alternate-leaved DogwoodCornus alternifolia a/U 8 m (18 cm)
Rough-leaved DogwoodCornus drummondii U/C 7 m (10 cm), LaSalle
Flowering DogwoodCornus florida R/U 12.2 m (36 cm)
Gray DogwoodCornus foemina C/C tall shrub
FAMILY, Fagaceae
American ChestnutCastanea dentata R/R (77.7 cm) Cedar Cr.
BeechFagus grandiflora a/C 28.4 m (92 cm)
White OakQuercus alba C/C 27.1 m (191 cm)
Swamp White OakQuercus bicolor C/C 24 m (155 cm)
Burr OakQuercus macrocarpa U/U 29.3 m (212 cm)
Chinquapin OakQuercus muehlenbergii a/U 30 m (117 cm), LaSalle
Pin OakQuercus palustris C/C 27.5 m (152 cm), Windsor
Red OakQuercus rubra U/C 31.1 m (194 cm)
Shumard OakQuercus shumardii R/U 20 m (94 cm), Maidstone
Black OakQuercus velutina C/C 32.4 m (162 cm), Kingsville
FAMILY, Hamamelidaceae
Witch-hazelHamamelis virginiana C/U 13 m (14 cm)MI
FAMILY, Juglandaceae
Bitternut HickoryCarya cordiformis R/C 29 m (111 cm)
Pignut HickoryCarya glabra C/U 25 m (94 cm)
Big Shellbark HickoryCarya laciniosa R/U 23.3 m (54 cm)
Shagbark HickoryCarya ovata R/C 32 m (95 cm)
ButternutJuglans cinerea R/U 24.5 m (116 cm)
Black WalnutJuglans nigra R/C 27.4 m (175 cm)
FAMILY, Lauraceae
SpicebushLindera benzoin R/C 7 m (8 cm)MI
SassafrasSassafras albidum C/C 22.9 m (114 cm) Cedar Cr.
FAMILY, Leguminosae
RedbudCercis canadensis a/a extirpated
Honey-locustGleditsia triacanthos a/U 25.3 m (126 cm)
Kentucky Coffee-treeGymnocladus dioicus a/U 23.3 m (92 cm)
Black LocustRobinia pseudo-acacia */*
FAMILY, Magnoliaceae
Tulip-treeLiriodendron tulipifera R/U 27.1 m (158 cm)
FAMILY, Moraceae
White MulberryMorus alba */*
Red MulberryMorus rubra R/R 16 m (31 cm)
FAMILY, Nyssaceae
Black GumNyssa sylvatica U/U 21.6 m (104 cm)
FAMILY, Oleaceae
White AshFraxinus americana U/C 31.4 m (127 cm)
Black AshFraxinus nigra R/U 23.5 m (89 cm)
Red AshFraxinus pennsylvanica C/C 23.5 m (130 cm)
Pumpkin AshFraxinus profunda R/U 20 m (105 cm)
Blue AshFraxinus quadrangulata a/R 21.2 m (85 cm)
FAMILY, Platanaceae
SycamorePlatanus occidentalis U/C 29.9 m (263 cm)
FAMILY, Rhamnaceae
Common BuckthornRhamnus cathartica a/* tall shrub
FAMILY, Rosaceae
Downy ServiceberryAmelanchier arborea a/U 11.6 m (54 cm)
Smooth ServiceberryAmelanchier laevis R/U 12.2 m (57 cm)
Pear HawthornCrataegus calpodendron a/U
Fireberry HawthornCrataegus chrysocarpa a/U
Cockspur HawthornCrataegus crus-galli U/C 10 m (50 cm)
Downy HawthornCrataegus mollis U/C
Dotted HawthornCrataegus punctata U/C
Fleshy HawthornCrataegus succulenta a/R
Wild CrabMalus coronaria C/C 5.1 m (14.5 cm)
Wild PlumPrunus americana C/C 3 m (7.5 cm)
Canada PlumPrunus nigra a/U 4.6 m (5 cm)
Pin CherryPrunus pensylvanica a/R small tree
Black CherryPrunus serotina C/C 28.2 m (111 cm)
Choke CherryPrunus virginiana C/C 16.2 m (26 cm)
FAMILY, Rubiaceae
ButtonbushCephalanthus occidentalis U/C 9 m (27 cm)MI
FAMILY, Rutaceae
Hop-treePtelea trifoliata a/U 10 m (24 cm), Middle Is.
Prickly AshZanthoxylum americanum C/C 8 m (8 cm)MI
FAMILY, Salicaceae
Balsam PoplarPopulus balsamifera a/R
CottonwoodPopulus deltoides C/C 35.4 m (265 cm)
Largetooth AspenPopulus grandidentata U/U 28.1 m (69 cm)
Trembling AspenPopulus tremuloides U/U 31.1 m (66 cm)
White Willow Salix alba a/*
Peachleaf Willow Salix amygdaloides C/C 25 m (98 cm)
Bebb Willow Salix bebbiana U/U +8 m (+15 cm)
Pussy Willow Salix discolor C/C +6 m
Crack Willow Salix fragilis a/*
Shining Willow Salix lucida R/R +10 m
Black Willow Salix nigra U/C 27 m (272 cm)MI
Slender Willow Salix petiolaris U/U tall shrub
Purple-Osier Willow Salix purpurea a/* tall shrub
Weeping Willow Salix x sepulcralis */*
FAMILY, Staphleaceae
BladdernutStaphlea trifolia a/U tall shrub
FAMILY, Tiliaceae
BasswoodTilia americana U/C 21 m (165 cm)
FAMILY, Ulmaceae
HackberryCeltis occidentalis R/C 21.3 m (119 cm), Leamington
Dwarf HackberryCeltis tenuifolia a/R small tree
White ElmUlmus americana C/C 37.5 m (151 cm)
Slippery ElmUlmus rubra a/U 26.8 m (150 cm)
Rock ElmUlmus thomasii a/R 20.4 m (63 cm)

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