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February 1998 Sightings

Saturday, February 28: February was extremely mild and without snowfall. Pussy willows have been out since mid month and Snowdrops are flowering in Windsor gardens. The first Dandelion and first native woodland wildflower, Harbinger-of-Spring Erigenia bulbosa, were found in bloom today along the Canard River (Paul Pratt).

Bald Eagle is another early nesting species. An eagle was sitting on a nest near the mouth of the Canard River today (Paul Pratt).

Thursday, February 26: The first migrant American Robins were seen this morning in LaSalle (Paul Pratt).

Wednesday, February 25: Elinor Sfalcin had four White-winged Crossbills visit her yard today in Windsor. Early arrivals today include Turkey Vulture at the Windsor airport (Glenn Gervais) and an American Woodcock displaying in the Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve in the evening (Paul Pratt).

Monday, February 23: The continuation of mild weather brought large numbers of early migrants into the region on the weekend. Newly arrived Red-winged Blackbirds are singing in the prairie and mixed flocks of blackbirds and grackles are widespread. Over 300 Tundra Swans were seen along Hwy 401 at the St. Joachim exit on Saturday (Paul Pratt). An "Oregon" Junco made a appearance at a feeder in LaSalle on Sunday (Paul Pratt). The first butterfly of the spring, a Hop Merchant was seen at Pelee yesterday (Fred Urie).

The first ever Great '98 Backyard Bird Count was held over the weekend. Click here to go to the BirdSource web site for the results.

Friday, February 20: Small flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds and Horned Larks were seen flying over the park and our first Eastern Chipmunks were reported today. Yesterday Fred Urie found an adult Red-shouldered Hawk in Windsor and flocks of Tundra Swans along Lake St. Clair.

Monday, February 16: Fred Urie reports an immature Red-shouldered Hawk at Canard River Conservation Area. Ring-billed Gulls are beginning to return. Over 350 were along the lower portion of River Canard on Saturday. Glenn Gervais discovered a Northern Shrike on Sunday along Highway 3 at Concession 9 Road.

The highlight of Ojibway's birding trip to Point Pelee on Saturday was a close encounter with four White-winged Crossbills found just south of Black Willow Beach. The birds were feeding with Red-breasted Nuthatches on fallen cones beneath mature White Pines.

Thursday, February 12: Glenn Gervais reports immense rafts of waterfowl on Lake St. Clair along the east edge of Windsor over the past few days. Up to 20,000 birds, mostly scaup, Canvasback, Redhead, Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead and mergansers can be seen from Sandpoint Beach.

Chuck Fawdry found a nesting Great Horned Owl in Wheatley Provincial Park this week. Great Horned Owls are the earliest nesting birds in our area.

Monday, February 9: After an absence of over 100 years Wild Turkeys are back in Essex County. Fourteen birds trapped from established flocks have been released in Malden township by the Ministry of Natural Resources. This project is part of the Ontario Wild Turkey Program which has seen the Ontario population of turkeys rise to over 16,000 since the program began in 1984.

Thursday, February 5: Sharri Wright reports an early Killdeer near Wheatley today. Watch for other early migrants such as Horned Larks, Ring-billed Gulls and waterfowl over the next few weeks.

Recent Ojibway web page enhancements include photographs of a Red Bat and an Elusive Clubtail.

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