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Odonata of Essex County




Enallagma civile, Familiar Bluet



Ebony Jewelwing
The Ebony Jewelwing frequents ditches with moving water and shade.



Lyre-tipped Spreadwing
Lyre-tipped Spreadwings are often found in meadows and prairie areas quite distant from water.



Eastern Forktail
Eastern Forktail is the most common damselfly at Ojibway.



Swamp Darner
The Swamp Darner is our largest dragonfly.



Damselflies & Dragonflies of the Ojibway Prairie Complex

Archilestes grandis, Great Spreadwing
Archilestes grandis, Great Spreadwing

The best locations to observe dragonflies in the Ojibway area include the pond in front of the Nature Centre and the ponds at Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park. The mouth of Turkey Creek at the Detroit River is a good location for stream species. Many odonates wander far from water and can be found in open areas and along trails.

The following sixty species are listed as (C) common to abundant, (U) uncommon, and (R) rare to single occurrence. Common names follow usage by the Dragonfly Society of the Americas . For more information on dragonflies visit the Odonata Information Network and the Michigan Odonata Survey .

Beginner's Guide to Dragonflies by Blair Nikula, Jackie Sones. A Stokes Guide. This is a pocket sized photographic guide to more than 100 species of dragonflies and damselflies commonly found in the USA. Over 80 % of all the species recorded from Ojibway are pictured in this handy guide. Copies are available at the nature centre for $13.95.


  1. Calopteryx maculata U    Ebony Jewelwing
  1. Archilestes grandis R    Great Spreadwing (new 2002)
  2. Lestes congener U    Spotted Spreadwing
  3. Lestes dryas C     Emerald Spreadwing
  4. Lestes forcipatus R     Sweetflag Spreadwing (new 2000)
  5. Lestes rectangularis C    Slender Spreadwing
  6. Lestes unguiculatus U    Lyre-tipped Spreadwing
Coenagriidae, POND DAMSELS
  1. Coenagrion resolutum R    Taiga Bluet (new 2001)
  2. Enallagma antennatum C    Rainbow Bluet
  3. Enallagma aspersum R    Azure Bluet
  4. Enallagma basidens U    Double-striped Bluet
  5. Enallagma boreale R    Boreal Bluet
  6. Enallagma carunculatum U    Tule Bluet
  7. Enallagma civile C    Familiar Bluet
  8. Enallagma ebrium C    Marsh Bluet
  9. Enallagma exsulans U    Stream Bluet
  10. Enallagma geminatum C    Skimming Bluet
  11. Enallagma hageni U    Hagen's Bluet
  12. Enallagma signatum C    Orange Bluet
  13. Ischnura hastata R    Citrine Forktail (new 2000)
  14. Ischnura posita C    Fragile Forktail
  15. Ischnura verticalis C    Eastern Forktail
  16. Nehalinnia irene U    Sedge Sprite
Aeshnidae, DARNERS
  1. Aeshna constricta C    Lance-tipped Darner
  2. Aeshna umbrosa C    Shadow Darner
  3. Anax junius C    Common Green Darner
  4. Anax longipes R    Comet Darner
  5. Epiaeschna heros U    Swamp Darner
Gomphidae, CLUBTAILS
  1. Arigomphus villosipes R    Unicorn Clubtail (new 2013)
  2. Gomphus graslinellus U    Pronghorn Clubtail
  3. Gomphus vastus R    Cobra Clubtail
  4. Progomphus obscurus R    Common Sanddragon
  5. Stylurus notatus U    Elusive Clubtail
  1. Macromia taeniolata U    Royal River Cruiser
Corduliidae, EMERALDS
  1. Epitheca cynosura U    Common Baskettail
  2. Epitheca princeps C    Prince Baskettail
Libellulidae, SKIMMERS
  1. Celithemis elisa U    Calico Pennant
  2. Celithemis eponina R    Halloween Pennant
  3. Erythemis simplicicollis C    Common Pondhawk
  4. Leucorrhinia frigida R    Frosted Whiteface
  5. Leucorrhinia intacta C    Dot-tailed Whiteface
  6. Leucorrhinia proxima U    Belted Whiteface
  7. Libellula incesta R    Slaty Skimmer (new 2010)
  8. Libellula luctuosa C    Widow Skimmer
  9. Libellula pulchella C    Twelve-spotted Skimmer
  10. Libellula quadrimaculata U    Four-spotted Skimmer
  11. Libellula semifasciata R    Painted Skimmer
  12. Libellula vibrans R    Great Blue Skimmer
  13. Pachydiplax longipennis C    Blue Dasher
  14. Pantala flavescens U    Wandering Glider
  15. Pantala hymenea C    Spot-winged Glider
  16. Perithemis tenera C    Eastern Amberwing
  17. Plathemis (Libellula) lydia C    Common Whitetail
  18. Sympetrum obtrusum U    White-faced Meadowhawk
  19. Sympetrum rubicundulum C    Ruby Meadowhawk
  20. Sympetrum semicinctum R    Band-winged Meadowhawk
  21. Sympetrum vicinum C    Autumn Meadowhawk
  22. Tramea carolina R    Carolina Saddlebags
  23. Tramea lacerata C    Black Saddlebags
  24. Tramea onusta R    Red Saddlebags

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