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Odonata of Essex County, Ontario

image of Skimming Bluets

Skimming Bluets in tandem

This county list is based on field work by Paul Pratt as well as published accounts by E.M. Walker (who was born in Windsor in 1877) and others over the past century. Recent additions to the list include American Rubyspot 2014, Striped Saddlebags 2010, Band-winged Dragonlet 2008, Great Spreadwing 2002, Lilypad Fork-tail 2001, River Bluet 1998 and Royal River Cruiser 1997.

The following 94 species are listed as (C) common to abundant, (U) uncommon, (R) rare, (V) vagrant and (X) no occurrence after 1976. Common names follow usage by the Dragonfly Society of the Americas .




  1. Calopteryx maculata U    Ebony Jewelwing
  2. Hetaerina americana R    American Rubyspot
  1. Archilestes grandis R    Great Spreadwing
  2. Lestes australis ?    Southern Spreadwing
  3. Lestes congener R    Spotted Spreadwing
  4. Lestes disjuntus X    Northern [Common] Spreadwing
  5. Lestes dryas C    Emerald Spreadwing
  6. Lestes eurinus R    Amber-winged Spreadwing
  7. Lestes forcipatus U    Sweetflag Spreadwing
  8. Lestes inequalis U    Elegant Spreadwing
  9. Lestes rectangularis C    Slender Spreadwing
  10. Lestes unguiculatus C    Lyre-tipped Spreadwing
  11. Lestes vigilax U    Swamp Spreadwing
Coenagriidae - POND DAMSELS
  1. Argia apicalis C    Blue-fronted Dancer
  2. Argia fumipennis violacea U    Violet [Variable] Dancer
  3. Argia moesta X    Powdered Dancer
  4. Argia tibialis U    Blue-tipped Dancer
  5. Coenagrion resolutum R    Taiga Bluet
  6. Enallagma anna R    River Bluet
  7. Enallagma antennatum C    Rainbow Bluet
  8. Enallagma aspersum U    Azure Bluet
  9. Enallagma basidens U    Double-striped Bluet
  10. Enallagma boreale R    Boreal Bluet
  11. Enallagma carunculatum C    Tule Bluet
  12. Enallagma civile C    Familiar Bluet
  13. Enallagma vernale U    Vernal Bluet
  14. Enallagma ebrium C    Marsh Bluet
  15. Enallagma exsulans C    Stream Bluet
  16. Enallagma geminatum U    Skimming Bluet
  17. Enallagma hageni C    Hagen's Bluet
  18. Enallagma signatum C    Orange Bluet
  19. Enallagma vesperum R    Vesper Bluet
  20. Ischnura hastata R    Citrine Fork-tail
  21. Ischnura kellicotti R    Lilypad Fork-tail
  22. Ischnura posita C    Fragile Forktail
  23. Ischnura verticalis C    Eastern Forktail
  24. Nehalinnia irene U    Sedge Sprite
Aeshnidae - DARNERS
  1. Aeshna canadensis X    Canada Darner
  2. Aeshna clepsydra U    Mottled Darner
  3. Aeshna constricta C    Lance-tipped Darner
  4. Aeshna mutata U    Spatterdock Darner
  5. Aeshna umbrosa C    Shadow Darner
  6. Aeshna verticalis R    Green-striped Darner
  7. Anax junius C    Common Green Darner
  8. Anax longipes V    Comet Darner
  9. Basiaeschna janata X    Springtime Darner
  10. Epiaeschna heros U    Swamp Darner
  11. Nasiaeschna pentacantha X    Cyrano Darner
Gomphidae - CLUBTAILS
  1. Arigomphus furcifer X    Lilypad Clubtail
  2. Arigomphus villosipes R    Unicorn Clubtail
  3. Gomphus fraternus U    Midland Clubtail
  4. Gomphus graslinellus U    Pronghorn Clubtail
  5. Gomphus spicatus X    Dusky Clubtail
  6. Gomphus vastus R    Cobra ClubtaiL
  7. Progomphus obscurus R    Common Sanddragon
  8. Stylurus notatus U    Elusive Clubtail
  9. Stylurus plagiatus X    Russet-tipped Clubtail
Cordulegastridae - SPIKETAILS
  1. Cordulegaster maculata X    Twin-spotted Spiketail
Macromiidae - CRUISERS
  1. Macromia taeniolata R    Royal River Cruiser
Corduliidae - EMERALDS
  1. Dorocordulia libera X    Racket-tailed Emerald
  2. Epitheca cynosura C    Common Baskettail
  3. Epitheca princeps C    Prince Baskettail
  4. Neurocordulia yamaskanensis X    Stygian Shadowdragon
  5. Somatochlora albicincta VX    Ringed Emerald
  6. Somatochlora williamsoni X    Williamson's Emerald
Libellulidae - SKIMMERS
  1. Celithemis elisa U    Calico Pennant
  2. Celithemis eponina U    Halloween Pennant
  3. Erythemis simplicicollis C    Common Pondhawk
  4. Erythrodiplax umbrata V    Band-winged Dragonlet
  5. Ladona (Libellula) julia X    Chalk-fronted Skimmer
  6. Leucorrhinia frigida R    Frosted Whiteface
  7. Leucorrhinia intacta C    Dot-tailed Whiteface
  8. Leucorrhinia proxima R    Belted [Red-waisted] Whiteface
  9. Libellula incesta R    Slaty Skimmer
  10. Libellula luctuosa C    Widow Skimmer
  11. Libellula pulchella C    Twelve-spotted Skimmer
  12. Libellula quadrimaculata U    Four-spotted Skimmer
  13. Libellula semifasciata R    Painted Skimmer
  14. Libellula vibrans R    Great Blue Skimmer
  15. Pachydiplax longipennis C    Blue Dasher
  16. Pantala flavescens U    Wandering Glider
  17. Pantala hymenea C    Spot-winged Glider
  18. Perithemis tenera C    Eastern Amberwing
  19. Plathemis (Libellula) lydia C    Common Whitetail
  20. Sympetrum ambiguum VX    Blue-faced Meadowhawk
  21. Sympetrum corruptum R    Variegated Meadowhawk
  22. Sympetrum obtrusum U    White-faced Meadowhawk
  23. Sympetrum rubicundulum C    Ruby Meadowhawk
  24. Sympetrum semicinctum R    Band-winged Meadowhawk
  25. Sympetrum vicinum C    Autumn [Yellow-legged] Meadowhawk
  26. Tramea calverti V    Striped Saddlebags
  27. Tramea carolina R    Carolina Saddlebags
  28. Tramea lacerata C    Black Saddlebags
  29. Tramea onusta R    Red Saddlebags

Hagen's Bluet feeding on leafhopper
      Hagen's Bluet feeding on leafhopper

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