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March 1998 Sightings

Monday, March 30: Point Pelee had a Yellow-throated Warbler and Louisiana Waterthrush today. The warm front brought many migrants to Pelee over the weekend

Lots of new arrivals were found in Windsor by weekend birders including Double-crested Cormorant, Horned Grebe, Black-crowned Night-Heron(Dan Dufour), Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Tree Swallows, Field Sparrows, Fox Sparrows, Eastern Towhees, Winter Wrens, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and Pine Warbler(Fred Urie).

On Sunday, Lorna Goggin at Oxley Harbour, observed a fog bank came in off Lake Erie at 2:00 p.m. With the arrival of the fog there was a dropout of 100 to 150 Turkey Vultures that landed on her house and surrounding trees.

Don Bissonnette reports as of Saturday, March 28, that Eastern Bluebirds at the Harrow Research Station have two completed nests and partially completed another on the bluebird trail.

On Saturday, Chorus Frogs, Northern Leopard Frogs, Spring Peepers and even American Toads were reported singing in Essex County. On Sunday, the first Northern Brown Snake was found at Black Oak (Josie Hazen) and first Blanding's Turtle was seen at Pelee (Paul Pratt).

Friday, March 27: Warm weather continues and today we had our first spring record for Snapping Turtle(Hillary Bruner), and the earlist ever sighting of a Green Darner dragonfly, Anax junius (Karen Cedar). American Hazel shrubs, Corylus americana also began flowering today.

David D'hondt found a Short-eared Owl today in an area being developed at Lakeview & Dillon, just off Riverside Drive East, on the east edge of Windsor. The first Great Egret of the year was reported by Glenn Gervais.

Thursday, March 26: Temperatures reached the low 20's today and Chorus Frogs are in full song. The first Mourning Cloak butterfly, seven Eastern Phoebes, Turkey Vulture, Rusty Blackbirds and two pairs of Eastern Bluebirds were found by Karen Cedar and Hillary Bruner at Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park. Nine Painted Turtles and several Northern Leopard Frogs were also seen today.

Tuesday, March 24: Chorus Frogs began calling today with the arrival of warmer temperatures. Ojibway's first butterfly of the season, a Hop Merchant, Polygonia comma, was also reported today by Dan Dufour.

Sunday, March 22: The tiny white blooms of Whitlow-grass, Erophila verna have appeared despite the cold and snow of only yesterday.

Friday, March 20: Spring officially arrives today at 2:55 pm EST when the path of the sun crosses the equator.

The first Northern Leopard Frog of the spring was found at Gary Park in LaSalle on Wednesday.

An Eastern Screech-Owl was seen at dusk yesterday in the Wood Duck box in front of the Ojibway Nature Centre. White-winged Crossbills continue to be seen at Point Pelee, just south of Black Willow Beach. The birds feed on fallen cones beneath White Pines.

Sunday, March 15: Visit our new "Birding Guide to Ojibway" by clicking here.

Wood Ducks arrived at Ojibway on March 13 and Eastern Bluebirds were seen in Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park on March 13 and at the pond in Ojibway Park on March 14. Our first Hermit Thrush was found near the Nature Centre on March 14 (Fred Urie). Good numbers of Tundra Swans were reported from the St. Clair National Wildlife Area today.

Sunday, March 8: Migration continues to advance. Glenn Gervais reports +1,000 Tundra Swans, a Northern Shrike and Lapland Longspur in the fields near the St. Clair National Wildlife Area on March 4. In the Ojibway area American Robins, Rusty Blackbirds, Brown Creepers and Golden-crowned Kinglets continue to increase in numbers. A Marsh Wren at the Spring Garden lagoon on March 2 (Fred Urie) may be an overwintering individual.

Fred Urie conducted an inventory of Tufted Titmice in the Ojibway/LaSalle area since Christmas. A record high total of 52 individuals have been recorded this winter!

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