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Big Brown Bat

Bats appear much larger in flight. This Big Brown Bat has a wingspan of 36 cm. (14 inches) but only weighs as much as a small mouse.

Big Brown Bat

Big Brown Bat: note broad, sparcely furred nose.


 Comparative Size by weight:
Hoary Bat   28 grams (= 1 oz.)
Big Brown Bat   18 g.
Red Bat   13 g.
Silver-haired Bat   11 g.
Little Brown Bat   8 g.
Eastern Pipistrelle   7 g.


Eastern Pipistrelle

Eastern Pipistrelle: note the pale forearm. This tiny bat only weighs as much as a Canadian one dollar coin.


image of interpretive program with Hoary Bat

Bat Photo Gallery I

Silver-haired Bat

Silver-haired Bat: note pudgy face and well rounded ears.

Silver-haired Bat

Silver-haired Bat: note dark pelage and silver "cape".

Little Brown Bat

Little Brown Bat: note long pointed ears and narrow snout. The "thumb" is apparent in this photo.

Hoary Bat

Hoary Bat: note distinct black edging to ears and grizzled fur.



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Photographs © P.D. Pratt

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