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Prairie & Savanna Photo Gallery

Round-headed Bush-clover Round-headed Bush-clover 726X900 pixcels
Lespedeza capitata
The stiff seed heads of bush-clovers persist throughout the winter months. Photo by Jerry Pollard.
Hoary Puccoon Hoary Puccoon 357X225 pixcels
Lithospermum canescens
This prairie wildflower blooms from late April through May in open sandy clearings with Yellow Stargrass and Blue-eyed Grass.
Arrow-leaved Violet Arrow-leaved Violet 640X480
Viola sagittata
This violet is often found growing with Hoary Puccoon. The Great Spangled Fritillary caterpillar feeds exclusively on violets.
Lupine Wild Lupine 546X792
Lupinus perennis
Lupines are usually found in oak savanna and open oak woodland. They bloom in mid to late May along the Savanna Trail in Ojibway Park.
Two-flowered Cynthia Two-flowered Cynthia 596X432
Krigia biflora
Two-flowered Cynthia is another plant of oak savanna and open oak woodland. It blooms in late May.
Butterfly Milkweed Butterfly Milkweed 417X463
Asclepias tuberosa
This distinctive milkweed lacks the milky sap of other milkweeds. It blooms in June and July.
Tall Green Milkweed Tall Green Milkweed 391X457
Asclepias hirtella
This milkweed is one of the rarest plants in Canada. Only a single plant is known to exist. Seven different milkweeds have been found at Ojibway.
photo by K. Cedar
Sullivant's Milkweed image Sullivant's Milkweed 638X478
Asclepias sullivantii
This prairie milkweed can be separated from common milkweed by the smooth leaves and larger flowers.
Dense Blazing Star image Dense Blazing Star 791X541
Liatris spicata
In late July this species can dominate the prairie landscape with its showy blooms. A popular garden perennial is derived from this species.
Rough blazingstar image Rough blazingstar 601X654
Liatris asper
This late blooming blazingstar can be found in dry sandy sites at Spring Garden Natural Area.
photo by K. Cedar
Culver's Root Culver's Root 330X520
Veronicastrum virginicum
This tall member of the snapdragon family is common in oak savanna and wet prairie communities. The peak of bloom occurs at the end of July.
Smooth False Foxglove Smooth False Foxglove 318X428
Aureolaria flava
This August blooming savanna species is parasitic on the roots of black oak.
Fringed Gentian Fringed Gentian 330X417
Gentianopsis crinita
Both fringed and bottled gentians can easily be found in the prairie from mid September to October.

Photographs © P.D. Pratt

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