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September 1998 Sightings

Sunday, September 27: The end of September and early October is the peak migration period for Peregrine Falcons. Unlike other raptors at Holiday Beach, Peregrines are most often seen when winds are from the south (Peregrines will still follow the lakeshore when winds are out of the south but with north winds these strong flyers often cross Lake Erie before they get to Holiday Beach). Thirteen Peregrines were seen there today, including one bird which sat perched for over 4 hours near the hawk tower (Bob Hall-Brooks).

Tuesday, September 22: Over 6,000 Blue Jays were seen at Holiday Beach today (Bob Hall-Brooks). Unlike most passerines which migrate at night, Blue Jays migrate during the day. The peak of their migration is in late September and early October when immense numbers can be seen at Holiday Beach. Last year over 450,000 were counted with a peak of 57,800 recorded on September 25/97.

Thursday, September 17: A wave of 49,155 Broad-winged Hawks moved through Holiday Beach and Malden Centre today. It was also a very good day for migrating Bald Eagles with 28 (excluding residents) counted at the hawk tower and Malden Centre (fide Fred Urie). Two Long-billed Dowitchers were present at "Carp Crossing" (Alan Wormington) on September 16.

Sunday, September 13: Bob Hall-Brooks reported the following totals for each raptor species seen at the Holiday Beach Hawk Tower today:

Osprey, 12; Northern Harrier, 85; Sharp-shinned Hawk, 1325; Broad-winged Hawk, 27; Red-tailed Hawk, 2; American Kestrel, 240; Merlin, 6; Unidentified, 1.

One Merlin atcked the decoy Owl on the Tower before perching in the tree next to Merlin Tree Two. One Osprey fished in the Carp Crossing area before perching in the Fan Tree (Spread Dead) allowing everyone good looks at a perched bird.

Tower visitors were treated to in-hand views of a Grey-cheeked Thrush, a Swainson's Thrush and an Ovenbird courtesy of the Banding Station volunteers. The cormorant census has increased to 908 at 6 a.m. standard time.

Visit the International Broad-winged Hawk Survey web site to follow their southward migration across North America.

Friday, September 11: A brief flight of Broad-winged Hawks appeared over the Ojibway Nature Centre at noon today when 497 were counted in 30 minutes. By the end of the day the total rose to 912 birds. Last night over 100 were seen going to roost in LaSalle along Bouffard Street.

Wednesday, September 09: The cool sunny weather and northwest winds brought a great flight of raptors through Holiday Beach today. The Broad-winged Hawks passed through between 3:10 and 4:50 pm. This is 10 days earlier than the first big flight last year.


Turkey Vulture 1
Osprey 17
Bald Eagle 3 (+local residents)
Sharp-shinned Hawk 303
Cooper's hawk 2
Broad-winged Hawk 8,507  
Red-tailed Hawk 2
American Kestrel 108
Merlin 2

Other sightings:
Ruby-troated Hummingbird 52
Stilt Sandpiper 1 (at Carp Crossing)
Fiery Skipper 8

Monday, September 08: Brisk northwest winds carried over 400 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 86 American Kestrels, 18 Northern Harriers and 70 Broad-winged Hawks past the Holiday Beach hawk tower this morning.

Sunday, September 07: Hawks are beginning to move through Holiday Beach and north winds in mid September should bring large flights of Broad-winged Hawks. Today, 1187 Cedar Waxwings, 3 Bald Eagles (local residents), 4 Ospreys, 17 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 3 Northern Harriers, 2 American Kestrels and 2 Merlins were sighted from the hawk tower (Bob Hall-Brooks).

Friday, September 04: September is a great month for viewing fall wildflowers. Trails through the nature reserve will reveal Nodding Ladies' Tresses Orchid Spiranthes cernua, Great Plains Ladies' Tresses Orchid Spiranthes magnicamporum, Closed Gentian Gentiana andrewsii, Fringed Gentian Gentianopsis crinita, Purple Gerardia Aureolaria purpurea, Slender Gerardia Aureolaria tenuifolia, many composites such as Autumn Sneezeweed Helenium autumnale, Tall Coreopsis Coreopsis tripteris, Glaucous White Lettuce Prenanthes racemosa, Hard-leaved Goldenrod Solidago rigida, Ironweed Vernonia missourica and twelve species of asters Aster species. Click here for other autumn species.

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