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December 1998 Sightings in the Windsor Area

Monday, December 28: An Eastern Garter Snake was found today in a sunny spot along the trail in Black Oak Heritage Park!

The Detroit River CBC will be held January 1. Meet at the Nature Centre parking lot at 8:00 am or count the birds at your feeder and call in the results to Ojibway.

Wednesday, December 23: The Point Pelee Christmas Bird Count (CBC) was held on Monday. Highlights included Harris's Sparrow, Swainson's Thrush and Lesser Black-backed Gull. Record high counts were recorded for: Pied-billed Grebe - 10, Mute Swan - 2, Green-winged Teal - 198, Northern Pintail - 11, Blue-winged Teal - 1, Northern Shoveler - 61, Gadwall - 156, American Wigeon - 450, Ring-necked Duck - 49, Greater Scaup - 1678, Surf Scoter - 103, Hooded Merganser - 317, American Coot - 930, Dunlin - 2, Mouning Dove - 1112, House Wren - 1, American Robin - 162 and European Starling - 9540. 103 species were recorded.

The Blenheim/Rondeau CBC was held on Sunday with 111 species recorded, including 7 species of shorebirds. Harris's Sparrow, Dunlin and American Avocet were found for the first time on this 59 year old CBC. Twenty-three species, mostly water birds, were recorded in record numbers.

The Cedar Creek CBC was held on Saturday, Dec. 19. Thirty-eight participants found 94 species in the 15 mile diameter count circle which includes Essex, Kingsville, Harrow and McGregor. Highlights included 1 Little Gull, 2 Barn Swallows, 1 Northern Rough-winged Swallow and 271 American Robins. The complete results are posted on our count results page.

Friday, December 11: The Cave Swallow was seen this morning along the North Dyke Road (northern boundary to Point Pelee). The bird often disappears for several hours at a stretch (possibly out over the more inaccessible portions of the Pelee marsh) so be prepared to spend some time if you plan to look for the bird. The Pelee Visitor Centre (519-322-5700) is keeping track of recent sightings.

Thursday, December 10: We have not heard any news on the Cave Swallow today. The Barn and Rough-winged Swallows are still present at McGregor. Eight Eastern Bluebirds, a Belted Kingfisher and rufous phase Eastern Screech-Owl were seen today around the nature centre.

Wednesday, December 09: The Cave Swallow continues to be seen at the same location. Other swallows have also been reported this week. Two Barn Swallows and a Northern Rough-winged Swallow were seen Tuesday at the McGregor lagoons by Fred Urie. On Sunday a Tree Swallow was also found at this location.

Tuesday, December 08: A Cave Swallow, first found yesterday at Point Pelee by Alan Wormington and Fred Urie, is still present today. It was flying over Sanctuary Pond and west end of the North Dyke Road this afternoon. Two Eared Grebes were also present today along the east side of the tip.

Sunday, December 06: Dandelions, Spotted Knapweed, Evening Primrose, Gray-headed Coneflower and Sand Rocket continued to bloom in the record warm weather (which is due to end today). A male Yellow-legged Meadowhawk, today at Point Pelee (P.D. Pratt), is the latest dragonfly ever recorded in the region.

Late herps included Spring Peepers calling at Pelee today (P.D. Pratt), Chorus Frog at Ojibway on Saturday (A. Barbour) and a basking Painted Turtle on Friday (K. Cedar).

Tuesday, December 01: Record warm temperatures the last few days have encouraged a few dandelions and garden annuals to remain in bloom at the start of the winter season. Christmas Bird Counts will be starting soon despite the mild weather. Drop us a note or call the Nature Centre if you would like to participate in one of the local counts:
Cedar Creek CBC - Dec 19
Point Pelee CBC - Dec 21
Rockwood (Amherstburg) - Dec 27
Detroit River - Jan 1

Birding is often a case of finding the unexpected. Tom Hince found an amazingly late Worm-eating Warbler near the Point Pelee Visitor Centre today. Other late migrants will probably be discovered if the mild weather continues.

Click here for November's sightings.

Send reports of your latest sightings to:

Ojibway's web site: Paul Pratt, 519-966-5852 (ojibway@city.windsor.on.c a)
Essex County Field Naturalist's: Jim McAllister, 519-254-1854 (home)
Windsor Star: Tom Hince, 519-326-4354 (home)
Detroit RBA (Michigan and south-western Ontario): Karl Overman, 248-473-0484 (home)

Rare Bird Alerts in Ontario & Michigan (These are taped messages, updated weekly.)

Point Pelee 519-322-2371
Essex County Field Naturalists' 519-252-BIRD
Detroit, Michigan 248-477-1360

Hamilton 905-648-9537
Kingston 613-549-8023
London 519-473-5853
Oshawa 905-576-2738
Sault Ste-Marie 705-739-8585
Simcoe County 705-739-8585
Toronto 416-350-3000 ext 2293
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